Virtual Events Organiser

You’re looking for an engaging and successful virtual event. We have the knowledge, the team, and the technical know how to make it happen for you.

We offer support in producing online events for:

  • Internal meetings,
  • Conferences taking place over one or more days,
  • Webinars,
  • Training programmes
  • and more.

Whether the size of your event is a small board meeting or a conference or webinar with over 500 attendees, we can take care of everything from start to finish.   From pin-pointing the most suitable virtual conference platform technology, to audience/delegate communication, our expert team has it covered, leaving you free of worry and able to focus on the content of your meeting.

A high-quality virtual event takes no less work than an event at a hotel or other venue. We are finding that an increasing number of our clients are turning to us feeling overwhelmed by the amount of detail required to setup an online event. Once we are involved, your time becomes your own once again and you can focus on your core role.

We operate a turn-key approach to our virtual conferences and can be involved as much or as little as you choose.  You can select from the broad range of services, as detailed below, dependent on the nature and size of the event. 

Maximize Your Time can:

  • Help you to choose the software platform that best suits your needs.
  • Build a conference/meeting website to house the agenda, speaker biographies and meeting/conference platform.
  • Advise on solutions to interact and obtain feedback from your delegates.
  • Build a delegate registration site.
  • Run pre-event on-boarding training sessions for your delegates, speakers and facilitators.
  • Produce a detailed on the day event plan so that all participants, speakers, facilitators and hosts know exactly how the event will run.
  • Provide pre-event technical support.
  • Provide on the day technical support and run the technical elements of the day to ensure a smooth and seamless virtual event.
  • Post event evaluation and feedback.
Start planning your next virtual event with MYT
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For more information on the “pick and mix” service we offer, along with details on how to plan your virtual event, please read our Virtual Conference Planning Guide below.

We would love to hear more about your next event and find out how we can help you. 

MYT Virtual Conference Planning Guide

Traditional vs virtual event

Understanding the similarities and differences between a traditional and virtual meeting is a crucial step in planning an online event. We have summarised the main points below, to help you start thinking about what you want your event to cover. 


Traditional conference:

How is this achieved virtually:

Education (content)

Conference Rooms

  • Live streaming of the main presentation followed by recorded session
  • Breakout sessions & discussions

Networking (connections)

Coffee Breaks

  • Breakout groups
  • Forums
  • Chat Feeds
  • Live video chat 1 to 1

Commerce (monetarization)

Exhibit Hall

  • Sponsors / exhibitors space
  • Push notifications 

How can MYT support you with your Virtual Event and assist in your event success?

We simplify online event production so you can focus on the core programme and content.

Our purpose is to make your world a little less stressful. So how do we do it? By thinking of every online event detail so you don’t have to. 

Setting the goals

First, we’ll learn all about your event. We would love to know the overarching purpose of the meeting and how virtual fits into that, in order to provide a solution that accomplishes your goals. A big part of that, is what level of interactivity is needed for all attendees who aren’t at the live site – we can leverage features like polling, Q&A and multiple presentation locations to make it feel like everyone is in the same room. 

A few more things to decide on at this time will be the time and length of the event. We will provide recommendations on content distribution ensuring you cover your goals, but not tire your attendees.  If you are planning an international event, then time zones will be another huge consideration. We will  ensure the content is accessible after live presentations for those who couldn’t make it. 

Choosing the right software

There are so many different virtual event software options with varying levels of capabilities and costs. We will help you choose the right solution for your event by walking you through the options to show you examples of functionality and design. We will make recommendations based on your overall needs and goals. 

Platform considerations:

  • Be user friendly for delegates, speakers, and organisers. 
  • Allow for customization with branding and use of custom colours
  • Give us analytics tools to allow measurable results and adjustments on engagement
  • Be cost effective
  • Give a professional and polished on-the-day delegate experience
  • Smooth integration with registration
  • In-built and external interaction tools for polling and Q&A

Pre-event logistics & comms

Once the platform is chosen, now it is time to start working on the content and on getting delegates excited about the upcoming event. We can assist you with:

Pre-event communication with delegates

Determine the key selling points your event has to offer attendees. It could be a noteworthy speaker, skill sharing, an opportunity to network, and more. We will then assist you with preparing timed eblasts to your attendee list to ensure we capture their interest and we keep them engaged before the event.


We can build Delegate registration website. Depending on the Virtual Event Platform software chosen this can link directly with your Virtual Event Platform. Benefits are that the systems can be integrated and you have only one point of contact for any amendments required plus you will have your own dedicated web co-ordinator within the MYT team.

Content management

As we will be working on setting up the Virtual Event Platform for you we can also assist you with collecting the information needed such as  agenda, speaker bios, exhibitor / sponsor information if applicable, etc.

Delegate / speaker on-boarding

It is crucial that your attendees and speakers feel comfortable with the Virtual Event Platform and any additional software they might need to use to attend. We provide hour long onboarding sessions to ensure that on the day of the event there are no attendees struggling to join due to lack of knowledge of the platform.

Support, support, support

Having support for remote viewers and speakers is critical for any virtual event. We offer not only delegate onboarding and speaker onboarding sessions but also centralized support if any of your attendees need help logging in or troubleshooting. This takes the burden off of your teams if any support for your attendees is needed.

Managing the live event

Before the live event, we make sure everything is fully prepped for success – handling any speaker trainings or rehearsals that are needed to make sure everyone is confident leading into the day of the event.

Everything will be setup and tested, contingency plans put in place, and you will have a professional team on-hand to support you through the event.

Leading up to and during your event, our remote support will be open for users to get any help they need in real-time.

Debrief / Evaluation Report 

After your event, your project manager will lead an event debrief to summarize everything that happened and present opportunities for growth and improvement. They’ll ask for your feedback and suggest new ideas to implement moving forward.

In addition, you’ll get a report with all user information gathered during the virtual event — registration info, polls, quizzes, and more! You will also get a recording of the event.