Rest assured that we have many years’ experience in designing, organising and managing events of all types, sizes and shapes in many different countries and regions.

We have experience of managing large and small events in both the Charity and Corporate sectors and understand the nuances of these two different types of event.

Please keep reading – we are delighted to share with you the feedback from our clients, with whom we have worked with for many years now!

Event Logistics for Live Events & Virtual

Once again thank you to you and your team for hosting an excellent conference. We have had many very positive comments and have set a high bar for the next meeting!” 

– Paul Thompson, PVS President 

Event: Joint BVPA /PVS Meeting Autumn 2020

“I’d like to extend my thanks to MYT for a really fantastic conference. I couldn’t have wished for it to go better and I’d heard nothing only praise from the delegates. I’m very excited that we have set the standard for future conferences very high and that you and MYT are an integral part of it. 

Thank you for you support, it was great to have you at the end of the phone throughout the whole process.” 

– Allison Kirwan, Veterinary Technical Advisor at Boehringer Ingelheim 

Event: PVS Conference Belfast November 2019

Event Logistics and Meetings Team - Live Events & Virtual

“ This five day virtual event was something of a step into the unknown for Sightsavers, whilst we are well used to video conferencing and long-distance meetings, the scale and ambition of this particular event was something new. We wanted to hold an event that fostered the kind of interaction and engagement that we would normally obtain in a face-to-face setting. To help us achieve this, the team at Maximize Your Time supported us with the creation of an event platform, the training of colleagues on the use of Zoom and the audience interaction tool Slido, as well as facilitating rehearsal sessions for each of our speakers to help allay some of their fears and ensure each session went smoothly.

The events team helped us to create ‘breakout’ group work sessions, managed the interactive elements, and ensured that our delegates and speakers were in the right place at the right time, with all of their technology working correctly. Overall the meeting was a great success, we couldn’t have run an event of this scale as smoothly as this without Maximize Your Time’s invaluable support. Our delegates were delighted at the level of participation we were able to generate, and in many cases they suggested that this type of virtual event could actually be a viable alternative to certain venue based meetings, allowing as they do, the involvement of a larger number of delegates for a lower overall cost. “

– Martin Baldwin, PS2 Operations and Planning Coordinator, Sightsavers

Event: Sightsavers Programme Meeting 2020 

“  Almost above all else, though, thank you to the Sightsavers’ events team (MYT Events) for hosting this event for us. As I said on the debrief, whilst everyone else brought their own bits, you gave us the framework to hang it all on. From what audience members tell me, it all ran in a completely seamless way. This only happened because you were able to organise everything from the running order documents, through the rehearsal session, and bringing all the slides and videos together. I’m sure it looked simple to the audience, but I know from what I saw that it wasn’t at all simple and your technical knowledge and calmness was key to making it a success.

– Daryl Lloyd, FCDO

Official PCO and Partner to the Annual Neglected Tropical Diseases NGO Network

“It has been a great pleasure working with MYT in organizing and holding the NNN meeting.

Their professionalism, timely responses, working with great responsibility and above all a unique attention to every detail of the meeting was remarkable.

MYT is a great team to work with, lead by Janine. Thank you for all that you did so diligently.”

– Babar Qureshi, Director of Neglected Tropical Diseases and Senior Medical Advisor for CBM International

Event: Annual NNN Conference 2015 

For more NNN Events check out our Past Events Page.

Event Support - Live events & Virtual

Again, thanks to all for the terrific job – brilliant feedback all around.

– Drew Keys, IAPB

Event: Blinded by Sugar Webinar 2020

Professional Conference Organiser for the IAPB 10th General Assembly

“It was great to get to work with you and your team before and during DURBAN! Your support enabled our team at Seva to focus on our partners rathet than the many logistics and arrangements. This was a real gift.

– Suzanne Gilbert, Seva Foundation, 10GA Sponsor

Event: IAPB 10GA 

Thank you so much for all your hard work and your ‘special skills’ for delivering the SiB event yesterday.

The hard work was in all your preparation, and chasing Niamh and myself to get everything over to you all, so MYT could stitch together 4 wonderful diverse sessions.

As we know, it was Session 3 that you and I were more concerned about for slick movements of all the facilitators, three times.  But we flew through that session like a dream.  Even I enjoyed participating!

Again, many thanks for a great day. We are getting lovely feedback.

– Sally Crook, IAPB

Event: SiB: Celebrating Success, Sharing Learning, Staying Connected

Thank you to all of you for your hard work in making the event such a success! We couldn’t have done it without you!! You are all an absolute dream to work with!” 

– Emma Henderson, UKAA

Event: UKAA Festival of Build to Rent 2020

“The event was absolutely brilliant! Well organised and executed to a very high standard,
especially given the circumstances. The event has given me huge motivation and a real
excitement with all of the amazing innovations and products on the way. It was also lovely to
socialise with co workers from within the industry and build relationships with other like minded
professionals, which without this festival, would not have been possible. Thank you so much
for an unforgettable week!” 

– Attendee, UKAA

Event: UKAA Festival of Build to Rent 2020

We had a team call this morning, and everyone remarked how well the event went, how ambitious the event was, and how essential MYT was to its success. We would LOVE to work with you again in the future, so watch this space. And I’ll be sending your contact details to everyone I know who is planning any kind of online event.

 It’s is a really tough time for many people right now, and I really applaud you for adapting so quickly to becoming the online conferencing experts. ” 

– Murray Garrard, CDAC Network

Event: CDAC 2020, Annual Public Forum

“Each year The Carter Center hosts an annual peer review of our international health programs. Traditionally, hundreds of participants are brought to Atlanta for the event held over two weeks.   Due to the effects of the pandemic, the 2021 event was held virtually.  Given the challenges of operating across multiple time zones, and screen fatigue, we had to compress each day into 4 hours without compromising the quality of the engagement we would have had in a face to face meeting.  Maximize Your Time (MYT) was hired to help us navigate the technical aspects of this undertaking.  They built an event website and registration experience using software we currently had in place that was beyond anything we have ever had for the face to face experience.  Having technical rehearsals with presenters and meeting chairs, prior to and the morning of the event made for seamless presentations and a professional final product that resulted in a very successful event.  We do not have words to express our gratitude to their technical team whose professionalism, attention to detail, responsiveness and patience is above and beyond expectations.” 

– Cassandra Grant, Program Associate, Overseas Operations, 

The Carter Center 

Event: The Carter Center Health Program Reviews 2021, Virtual 

Venue Finding and Event Support

“I have worked with Maximize Your Time for many years now and don’t know what I would do without them! 

Their industry knowledge, efficiency and attitude are truly second to none. They respond to our venue finding needs with the same professionalism and enthusiasm whether it’s a meeting for two people or a congress for 900. When faced with difficult situations MYT always seem to come up with the solution and they make my busy working life so much easier…they are a joy to work with. 

Their on-site skills in delivering an event are exceptional. They remain calm under pressure and use their diplomacy and experience to ensure a smooth running event for all. 

I really can not recommend them highly enough.” 

– Pam Aston, Conference Manager, Motor Neurone Disease Association

Various Events 

Event Support

“MYT is the quintessential cornerstone when it comes to organising and managing our meetings and conferences. Their global connections and experience is second to none – ask them to organise a meeting in any part of the world and they will get it done in the most impressive and professional manner. 

But apart from their professionalism and great experience the team at MYT is a real pleasure to work with – always kind and forthcoming with such an amazing can-do attitude. It really seems there is no problem they can’t solve even in the most demanding circumstances. 

They are the best one can get and we highly recommend them to anyone who requires their wide range of services!!!”

– Dr Johannes Waltz, Co-chair, GSA Executive Group

Various Events 

Event Support

“MYT – what can I say?  You have all been a delight to work with and I congratulate you on your professionalism.   Your attention to detail wholly works for me as I am someone who likes to “cross the t’s and dot the i’s”.  Equally, as a meeting attendee, I know you are always readily available to look after all delegate needs however simple or complicated.   What I can say is “keep going with your excellent support, you have the perfect combination of professionalism and personal caring.”

– Joan Fahy, Executive Secretary, GAELF

Various Events 

Training Administration Support

“Maximize Your Time (MYT) has done an excellent job in sourcing venues and managing events for our financial services clients. Whether finding a cost-effective venue for a series of courses or organising a major corporate conference, their professionalism and thoroughness gives me peace of mind and confidence that all arrangements will go well…and they do!” 

– Richard Higham, Sector Head – International Finance & Professional Services, Mercuri International

Recognition Scheme Management

“Maximize Your Time (MYT) does just that for Mitie – their superb attention to detail coupled with their negotiating skills and professional approach enable us to get on with our normal day job. They literall save us hundreds of working hours each year. They are viewed by everyone here as an indispensable part of the team.” 

– Nigel Pompeus, Head of Marketing, Mitie Cleaning & Environmental Services Limited

Venue Finding & Event Support

“I have worked with MYT for 7 years & it’s always been a pleasure working with them. It makes things a lot easier and it’s always fun working with them. I have mainly worked with Rachel. She is always exceptionally responsive and efficient, helping us get ready in the months before the conference. Rachel’s unending capacity to manage crises reassured us all.

So all I can say is: I would like to express my thanks to the staff of Maximize Your Time for all their hard work and impressive professionalism in organizing our conference. Working with a professional conference planner like Maximize Your Time, enabled us to put together a successful conference for the participants, whilst Maximize Your Time made sure that everything ran smoothly during the event. I will strongly recommend the services of Maximize Your Time to any company willing to organize an outstanding conference or workshop.”

– Sabina Curto, Former Global Event / Marketing Manager, Pulmonx

Various Events