How MYT Develops a Successful Event


Understand Your Vision

Before we can start to develop your event, it is imperative for us to understand what you would like to achieve in holding the event. It is important to be aware where you have held events previously; what worked for you and what did not. We can then discuss your budget and how much of the project MYT will be involved in and what we will do to assist you.

Create a Detailed Project Plan

Project plans are important for any event, both to understand deadlines and to recognize expectations and time frames. We will work with you to prioritize tasks that you believe are urgent and work with your day-to-day schedule to ensure everything we are doing is transparent and matches the ethos of your company.

Understand Changes are Inevitable

Our experienced team has superb organization and time management skills, through facilitating countless successful meetings. Despite this, you cannot avoid the fact that event planning is an unpredictable process. Our invaluable team are flexible, approachable and are able to manipulate tasks to adapt to changes and any obstacles that pop up along the way. We will work with you and review the project plan to re-prioritize when the situation calls for it.

Detail, Detail, Detail!

No event is successful without attention to detail. We ensure that every contract is scrutinised, rates negotiated and function sheets double checked. If the venue is not aware of the finer details, then they cannot provide your delegates with the experience that you wish to provide. We use our wealth of knowledge and reflect on what has worked in the past to develop your events in the future, and getting it wrong is not an option.

That’s a Wrap.

Once your event has completed we continue to work with you to ensure that the event met your expectations and the experience for your delegates was smooth and fulfilling. We can develop a clear and concise breakdown of charges for the whole period that all parties agree with. This will ensure that in six months’ time everything is crystal clear.

It is important for us to reflect on the event and obtain your feedback. This way we can develop and make sure that we further exceed your expectations on your next conference, meeting, product launch, website, venue find or whatever it might be that Maximize Your Time can do to ensure you can concentrate on your core business.